ShowRoom Nuremberg


Print2Post serves a large and growing international market from their Nuremberg ShowRoom, a market that has become very fond of  Digital Printing Systems and Mail Inserters made in Germany and Switzerland, unparalleled and unsurpassed in quality regardless of meter read.

Although Océ and KERN are our most popular exported brands, print2post sells all brands, as long as they are high volume and high speed and a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new systems.  Feedback from customers has it, that print2post remains the only major distributor actually featuring equipment to go, another value-added-service.

We like to develop creative ways to complete a transaction for everyone from FORTUNE 500 companies to single machine users, whether you are a large operation, small store, or a start-up venture.  And we want to grow and we want our customers to be able to view equipment in working condition.  Also we want to ensure that the machines you order are what you expected. This is something that our customers asked for and we are excited to be able to offer this new service, a combination of an inventory display and a direct customer point of sale.
The online store offers another way for customers and partners to receive news about equipment, customers can view equipment online and request pricing. print2post therefore continually expands their services and web presence.
The ShowRoom is located only 15 minutes walking distance from the central station, a warehouse nearby is equipped for shipping and storage of container packing and for orders of multiple units.  From there print2post is uniquely positioned to handle national and international orders.



  • Kern K945/955 pinless cutter / merger
  • Böwe InterlliStar / Criterion
  • Böwe 310 S2
  • Hunkeler UW6/RW6 150m
  • Hunkeler CS6 II (2)
  • Océ VS 7550 Twin
    Océ VS 7450 or 7550 single
  • Océ VS 7110 / 7170
  • Océ VarioPrint 6xxx ULTRA any
  • Océ VarioPrint 6xxx ULTRA PIM B3 (350x500mm)
    XEROX iGEN5 with/without 5th Color
  • XEROX NUVERA 314EA Series 3/4
  • Xerox CP 1000i 
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