About our Services

Service has always been our stock in trade, thereby ensuring that the machines you order are what you expected. We have built our reputation on honest, technically sound advice for 17 years and that approach has served us and our customers well for all these years.

Print2post only purchases used hardware that has been continuously maintained by the manufacturer. Print2post makes an extra effort to ensure all used equipment is de-commssioned and packed with strict adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines, it is therefore eligible for a standard maintenance agreement with the manufacturer, if the customer requests that option.

Supported by a solid relationship with the industry’s principal equipment suppliers, print2post also offers the following services:

  • Installation,  de-commissioning and relocation, in Europe only
  • Transportation, be it via road, sea or air, at your request only
  • Crating for sea or air, at your request only

Von der Ansicht bis zum Zoll...


In packing we follow the exact specifications by each manufacturer.
Print2post can assist you in determining which shipping company to choose, just ask us, we know most of them.
You may arrange your own, but regardless of whether it goes far away or just around the block, we will arrange it for you at your request.

As an extra convenience to our customers print2post offers to handle a wide range of formalities such as customs and all relevant import and export documentation.

print2post shall comply with all applicable laws and government regulations of any country to or from which the cargo may be carried including those relating to the packing, carriage or delivery of the cargo.

This is just one more benefit of doing business with print2post.


Sorting Machine

Poly Wrapping


  • Kern K945/955 pinless cutter / merger
  • Böwe InterlliStar / Criterion
  • Böwe 310 S2
  • Hunkeler UW6/RW6 150m
  • Hunkeler CS6 II (2)
  • Océ VS 7650 / 7550 Twin
  • Océ VS 7110 / 7170
  • Océ VarioPrint 6xxx ULTRA any
  • Océ VarioPrint 6xxx ULTRA PIM B3 (350x500mm)
  • XEROX NUVERA 314EA Series 3/4
  • Xerox CP 1000i 
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