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Renate Willholz...

r willholz neu2

...has spent 25 years in industrial and technical sales, with the majority of her experience within the Computer Leasing Business and second user IT - equipment industries. Upon her return from the US, where she attended Boston University with an academic career in mind, she first got an entry-level job at SEL Components Nürnberg, before she joined ITT’s European Product Center in Munich in 1981, with a very special interest in Data Communications.

Her success prompted the Swedish Cominvest AB in 1984 to offer her a job as Shareholder and Managing Director of their German operation. Cominvest ranked among the world's largest and most competitive global IT companies engaged in assisting customers purchasing, financing, leasing and selling IBM mainframes, controlling a very large share of the IBM mainframe market. In 1992 Renate founded MAINFRAME & CO.  With effect from 31 Dec 2008 the company name was changed to print2post, as the new name better reflects the company's core product range to include equipment to satisfy every stage of the Print to Post production process.

She handles all enquiries on pre owned digital printing systems.


Markus Willholz...


An academic degree in engineering is viewed as a stepping stone to a career in architecture, a career path that involves motivation and determination to succeed in what is an ultra competitive area. Although it seemed like the most obvious route to take, Markus insteaddecided to join the family owned and operated business. He began with studying the modularity of the systems and knew soon, that engineering had been just the right choice for him.

He is now an enthusiastic and professional “system architect”, who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team, quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems.
His ambitions are many and varied, his short-term goal for print2post is to service our customers in the shortest timeframe and most cost effective manner possible, his long term vision is to expand the print2post customer base and project abilities to manage and facilitate this expansion.

So if you are looking for inserting systems and pre-and post processing equipment, please check with him.

Klara vom Loderberg alias Klara Willholz...



Sorting Machine

Poly Wrapping


  • Kern K945/955 pinless cutter / merger
  • Böwe InterlliStar / Criterion
  • Böwe 310 S2
  • Hunkeler UW6/RW6 150m
  • Hunkeler CS6 II (2)
  • Océ VS 7650 / 7550 Twin
  • Océ VS 7110 / 7170
  • Océ VarioPrint 6xxx ULTRA any
  • Océ VarioPrint 6xxx ULTRA PIM B3 (350x500mm)
  • XEROX NUVERA 314EA Series 3/4
  • Xerox CP 1000i 
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